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Why study Drama?

Speech and Drama (Elocution)

The gift of language is among the greatest that we have and, if we know how to use and appreciate it, it becomes a very powerful tool, which will not only be of invaluable practical use, but also opens up a beautiful and fascinating world of literature and dramatic art.

There are many reasons which motivate students of all ages and backgrounds to learn speech and drama. The scope of speech and drama is wide and can provide many useful skills for children with applications in all types of career and in business generally, as well as in the amateur or professional theatre.

Benefits of Speech and Drama       

Speech and drama broadens the horizons of a child's creativity and develops and fosters self-confidence and imagination.

A student learns how to speak clearly and expressively in ordinary everyday communication, as well as to appreciate and interpret poetry and prose in performance.

Children will learn speech and drama skills through a variety of creative and fun activities. These skills will enable them to express themselves articulately and confidently.


802 - Platinum Business Centre,

Al Nahda 2 Dubai, United Arab Emirates


+971 504690352

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