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Class structure

Class Structure

We encourage group sessions as it is beneficial in the interaction within students. Group sessions are limited in size to approximately 9 students. At the end of each academic year, the students will face a Viva with a British examiner from the related examining body that provides accredited certificates.

Entry level                                        Lessons are a fun and exciting adventures stirring students imagination, encouraging them to act out and explore emotions . Early participation in drama develops confidence, speaking skills and introduces acting skills, giving them a head start to life long enjoyment of the creative arts.
Level 1 Lessons focus on the development of clear speech, fluent delivery and social skills. It gives them the confidence to be participants in all aspects of their lives, to ask questions, find answers and share information. As expat/local children in multicultural Dubai, it is important for children to learn to interact with each other.
Level 2Lessons are focused on portrayal of characters and understanding of different situations. It is important for students to  demonstrate an awareness of the situations and the characters they have to portray.The students are trained to speak with clarity of diction and reveal character through body language. They will be motivated to reveal and perform with and understanding of the character and situation.
Level 3Lessons will focus on producing confident, articulate teenagers, who make friends easily, are ready to face new challenges and are prepared for adulthood. The lessons are also designed to help each child achieve invaluable life skills .Upper school students will participate in a wide range of creative activites including speech, dramatic movement, improvisation and scene starters.



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About us

Shez Dramatic Adventures was founded by Mrs. Shezmina Mowlana Wahid in the year 2012.